Drugventures storytelling: Scenes #5 and #6

This weeks topic on Drugventures is about drug storytelling. In both videos, which you can access from here and here, courageous people of different backgrounds, genders and nationalities shared publicly their stories about how drugs and policies around them have had an effect on their life, sometimes in a positive way, other times not. The … More Drugventures storytelling: Scenes #5 and #6

Drugventures # 4: “Jail is not drug policy”

This weeks video is a short clip of a Washington DC cannabis activist Adam Eidinger who makes a strong argument in front of the UN building in New York about how imprisoning people for cannabis is not something drug policies and laws should be doing. Here are some numbers to showcase the enourmous prize current … More Drugventures # 4: “Jail is not drug policy”